Being Fat and Over Sports

I use to be very athletic, when my wife got fat. So did I. I saw the doctor today and I’m even fatter now and I just cant’ stand it. Did other people just get fat after kids? I mean, I go out and mow the lawn and I absolutely love sports to death but somehow I still have a beer belly. No matter what weight loss thing I try,… Read Article →

Wrestling as a Team Sport?

So when I wrestled, I didn’t really get that it was a team sport. I mean..yeah you show up with your team and you all get points with one another but ultimately, wrestling is one of the more selfish of sports I’ve been in. The practices are more team oriented but when it comes down to time for the competition…it’s you and your match mate….and that’s that. Most wrestling teams… Read Article →

Meet a Pittsburgh Steeler?

I was checking out the Steelers Sports stuff looking for signed jerseys by Troy Palamalu and came across a great 10% off deal. The only problem is that even with 10% off, I can’t afford a $600 jersey.  I think I have a better chance of meeting a Steeler football player if I go to one of the sports grills in Pittsburgh. Don’t get me wrong I totally love investing… Read Article →

My Sporty Blog

I’m not really sure what to talk about today because I feel like I should talk about the Olympics. My new blog is focused on sports and I’ve never actually trained for the Olympics but I have trained like mad at a collegiate level for state competitions. I can’t imagine the 100% hard core out of this world effort is takes to make it to the Olympic level.

Playing Basketball – Tall Man Style

I was actually really short when I first started playing basketball. I ended up being the point guard (short guys position) for a while and that was how I learned basketball. Basketball is a great sport. There is so much athleticism in basketball and as a shorter person at the time, it was always so frustrating to me that I couldn’t reach as high as my teammate.

Playing Hockey

Playing Hockey in Middle School is really what I’m talking about.  Well, I guess it was a little bit in high school too. I really liked hockey. I got to be on a team, but not too much on it. I was the goalie.

Hello world!

Okie Dokie! Artichokie! So for my first blog post, I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about where I come from and some stuff about all the sports I’ve done. I was always pretty athletic and I don’t really have a reason why. When I was young, my first sport was baseball and I remember wanting to play it so badly. I’m super competitive but the same year I… Read Article →