Winter Olympics

Goodbye and thanks to Sochi

The twenty third of February 2014 marks the conclusion of the 2014 winter olympic games. The evening of the 23rd is when the winter olympics was bought to an end with the closing ceremony. It was only 17 days before that that the Fisht complex was the centre of the opening of the games. Both of the ceremonies were pretty spectacular.

To begin by making a spectacle of the evening, a massive rowing boat was bought in. It was to symbolize the overall journey of the olympics. We saw it move across the top of the complex right up there all the way in the night time sky line. There were also many many dancing people all dressed up in silver colored costumes. They were twirling and whirling about the complex in that dark night sky with the boat.sochi games

After whirling around the stadium for a while, the dancers then came together into a nice organized formation. This made, deliberately, 4 rather than the actual 5 olympic rings that actually exist in the olympic symbol. This was a deliberate throw back to the opening ceremony when one of the rings was mistakenly left out of one of the aspects of that performance. It is important to recognise though that when it did happen at the opening ceremony it was just a slight glitch which was eventually fixed up. This was very much a fitting moment. It summed up where the nation of Russia is at at the moment. It is now a country and nation that is able to see the lighter side of life. IT is able to laugh at itself and able to recognize that it was able to do the job well anyway without having to be uncompromisingly perfectionist and unable to laugh at itself.

There were over a thousand kids from a Russian coir which sung an truly amazing edition of the russian national anthem. This was on the back drop of the over eighty teams and delegates arriving back onto the stadium grounds.

The Russian team allowed their very own ice skater extraordinaire Mr Trankov to carry the flag onto the ring. There were various others that had featured in the games also carrying the national flags of their own countries.

There were actually mass start events that had run right up until the closing ceremony. Those medals had to be handed out at the ceremony as well. These events were the cross country events. The Norway team which was headed by Ms Borgen took their medals for cross country skiing. In fact she is now the most decorated winter olympian in history. To her name she has won 6 gold medals and in all she has 10 medals in total to her name. The other people in her team were Ms Stormer and Ms Steira. Then in the mens event the Russian team took the honors to take the gold. They would receive their medals only half an hour prior to the beginning of the closing ceremony.

Russian culture extravaganza

After that we were entreated to a massive swath of Russian culture. We got a great insight into their music, arts, literature, and dance. We were entreated to piano genius Mr. Matsuev who played a great rendition of what ever it was he played. There were dancers from famous ballet organizations who would dance to a wonderful waltz no. 2. After those dancers finished their performance and left back stage there were a number of clowns that came out to perform. This is because Russia is very well known for its circus companies. They were very talented, athletic and acrobatic in their performance. It was really quite a sight to see.